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Gateway to China

Gateway to China

In recent past China has been at the Centre stage of the economic development and has attracted world attention. There is a rise in the opportunity for foreign enterprises to invest in China in both products and services in several sectors like life science, agriculture, engineering, ICT, infrastructure, environment, etc. China has now become an important consumer based economy with the rise in purchasing capacity of people. In order to usher into Chinese market it is important for an investor to understand the key economic drivers, government policies, social, political and cultural make up of China for a long term strategic growth.

Earlier China used to be a favorable destination for western and other developed economy due to its low cost manufacturing potential. But now with the rise in education, skilled work force and government support to the scientific research sector; China is gradually moving towards a techno centric innovative destination where more foreign companies are investing along with the Chinese investors and other key players. Here comes the role of Technology Transfer (TT) which involves a variety of variables which are to be managed and controlled simultaneously including intellectual property, trade and commerce law, regulatory guidelines, financial risk assessment for a sector based technology collaboration. We as an organisation with the Chinese business acumen will provide the services required for a profitable investment in China.

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