DeepLab 深度实验室

DeepLab is Research & Development Center, which is closely working with Universities in the Czech Republic in the field of applied Science, commercialising the outcomes of the R&D activities of internal teams. DeepLab 研发中心在捷克共和国与多所高效在应用科学领域开展紧密的合作,积极推进内部研发团队 研发成果实现商业化。 Currently, the main focus is on Health Tech applications, based upon ten years plus research in the area of analysing vital signs using algorithms & machine learning. 当前,我们的重点是商业化生命体征分析医疗科技成果解决方案,该解决方案来自于我们在算法及机器 学习生命体征分析领域数十年如一日的艰苦研发。 DeepLab team is based in Hradec Kralove & Prague, Czech Republic. 我们的团队总部位于捷克共和国赫拉德克洛夫。