使用AI技术进行放射图像分析的基于软件的平台。 主要特点: 与任何PACS / RIS系统无缝集成 -自己开发的DICOM查看器 -混合智能技术–放射线医生与人工智能之间不断互动的工具 -优先安排患者的流量 -AI技术助力的放射学平台 -准确性和假阳性结果方面的最新指标 -15个国际商业和试点项目 由俄罗斯放射医师学会主席Valentin Sinitsyn教授领导的科学顾问委员会 A software-based platform using AI technologies for radiological images’ analysis. Key features: -Seamless integration with any PACS/RIS system -Own-developed DICOM-viewer -Hybrid Intelligence technology – a tool for constant interaction between radiologist and artificial intelligence -Prioritization of patients’ flow -Teleradiological platform enpowerred by AI technologies -State-of-the-art indicators in terms of accuracy and false-positive results -15 international commercial & pilot projects Scientific Advisory Board led by the President of Russian Society of Radiologists, Professor Valentin Sinitsyn