Ancon Technology 安康科技

ANCON的核心技术可检测空气中单分子水平的痕量化学物质。该方法从概念上讲是新颖的,可提供许多重要的技术和商业优势。包含: •基于“查看”和计数单个分子的能力,前所未有的敏感性 •极低的噪声水平-增强了在复杂背景环境中检测痕量目标物质的能力 •直接测量浓度,无需复杂的放大电子设备 国防部已授予ANCON五项技术开发合同,内政部领导的财团已授予ANCON四项合同。 2017年1月,该财团与ANCON签下了为期两年的合同,以探测总价值不超过60万英镑的隐蔽炸药。 2017年2月,内政部与安孔公司(Ancon)签订了一份合同,根据未来机场安全系统计划开发下一代爆炸物探测系统,价值高达120万英镑。作为该合同的一部分,Ancon与L3 Communications Inc合作,L3 Communications Inc是一家市值数十亿美元的美国公司,在机场和其他安全市场领域处于领先地位,从而确保了向商业产品的发展。 2017年4月,该公司推出了一系列用于监测空气污染的产品。这个市场正在快速增长,并且在中国,巴西和欧洲都有销售。 2017年5月,国防部授予ANCON一份合同,以开发用于检测化学武器以保护军事人员的示范原型。 ANCON’s core technology detects trace chemicals in the air, at the level of single molecules. The approach is conceptually novel offering many significant technical and commercial advantages. Including: • Unprecedented sensitivities based on the ability to “see” and count individual molecules • Very low noise levels- enhancing the capacity to detect trace concentrations of target substances in complex background environments • A direct measurement of concentration, doing away with the need for sophisticated amplification electronics ANCON has been awarded five technology development contracts by the MoD, and four by a consortium led by the Home Office. In January 2017, this consortium awarded ANCON a further two-year contract to detect concealed explosives worth up to £600,000 in total. In February 2017, The Home office awarded a contract to Ancon to develop the next generation of explosives detection systems under the Future Airports Security Systems programme which is worth up to £1.2m. As part of this contract, Ancon is partnering with L3 Communications Inc, a multi billion USA company which is a leader in airport and other security markets, securing a pathway to commercial products. In April 2017, the company launched a range of products for monitoring pollution in the air. This market is growing fast, and sales have been secured in China, Brazil and Europe. In May 2017, ANCON was awarded a contract by the MoD to develop a demonstration prototype for the detection of chemical weapons for the protection of military personnel.