ViewsIQ:能够实现在显微镜下数字化样本的成像系统软件 An imaging system software that can digitize samples under a microscope

ViewsIQ创建了Panoptiq,这是世界上最快的成像系统,可以将所有相关的显微镜图像在多次放大后融合成一个病人或标本样本的数字记录。与基于硬件的竞争对手相比,Panoptiq采用了一种创新的软件方法,为客户提供了更大的负担能力和多功能性,以及ViewsIQ的可伸缩性和更低的成本。未来的创新已经开始注重于通过人工智能增加诊断信息。 ViewsIQ has created Panoptiq, the world's fastest imaging system that fuses all relevant microscope images at multiple magnifications into one digital record of the patient or specimen sample. In contrast to its hardware-based competitors, Panoptiq takes an innovative software approach, allowing greater affordability and versatility for the customer, as well as scalability and lower costs for ViewsIQ. Future innovations have begun to focus on added diagnostic information by way of AI.