Geointellect – Location Intelligence platform for b2b and b2g

Geointellect--位置情报平台,用于地理数据可视化,具有用于估算不同位置的经济绩效指标的工具。 更多请咨询 我们的主要重点是位置情报。 LI是一类基于提供解决方案(工具,地理数据,数学模型)的新型系统,可以更好地了解城市生活各个部门的潜在位置。我们使用先进的分析方法,包括大数据处理,机器学习和神经网络。有30多种数学方法,包括用于选定位置的目标受众估算,营业额和客户流量预测的模型。 我们的平台具有许多有用的功能,可用于收集人口数据,智能手机信号,零售竞争对手,流量生成器等。 我们使用来自统计,GeoIT,经​​济学,社会和城市规划的最佳科学实践。我们的专家在地理数据分析,制图,Web-GIS和地理门户开发方面拥有丰富的经验。我们在医疗保健,快速消费品零售,银行零售,城市研究,房地产等行业进行了研究。 Geointellect.Cloud –适用于零售商,购物中心和房地产开发商等的IaaS和独立软件。 Geointellect - - Location intelligence platform for geodata visualization with tools for estimation of economic performance indicators in different locations. . More Our main focus is Location Intelligence. LI is a new class of systems based on providing solutions (tools, geodata, mathematical models) for a better understanding of location potential in different sectors of urban life. We use advanced analytical methods, including big data processing, machine learning and neural networks. There are more than 30 mathematical approaches including models for target audience estimation in selected location, prediction of turnover and customer flow. Our platform has lots of useful functionalities for collecting the population data, smartphone signals, retail competitors, traffic generators etc. We use best scientific practices from Statistics, GeoIT, Economics, Social and Urban Planning. Our specialists have a huge experience with geodata analysis, cartography, web-GIS and geoportal developing. We conducted research in such industries as healthcare, FMCG-retail, bank-retail, urban studies, real estate etc. Geointellect.Cloud – IaaS for Retailers, Shopping Mall and Real Estate Developers etc. and Standalone software.