UJett D.P.:用于生产眼镜光学功能涂层的数字打印技术(以色列)

UJett’s digital manufacturing technology is: a total solution for eyeglasses producers at any scale that enables to coat any type of optical lenses by a digital printing process. This process consists in: the direct deposition of specially designed optical functional inks onto the lenses applying inkjet based digital printing technology. The deposited coating layer can be digitally controlled to produce a continuous layer as required for example in anti-scratch protection, or a discrete layer with variable covering densities as used for example in photochromic lenses or sunglasses. UJett D.P.的数字打印技术为各种规模的眼镜生产商提供了一种整体解决方案,能够让生产商通过数字印刷技术给光学镜片涂覆任何功能涂层。其具体过程是:利用喷墨打印基础上的数字打印技术,将特别设计的光学功能油墨直接沉积到镜片上。 通过数字打印技术,油墨沉积的涂层将会产生一个连续层,例如防刮擦涂层,或者是覆盖有不同密度的新涂层(可用于制造变色眼镜或太阳镜)。