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ITTN Purdue Delegation China B2B Event Fruitfully Held

From: Time:2014.03.10

November 12th -18th 2012, ITTN lead Indiana State and Purdue University delegation to tour B2B visit Si Chuan Province, Zhejiang Province…etc, ITTN helped this delegation generate 2 Agreements through 10 months match-making work‘Indiana State –Purdue Changjiang Delta Region Technology Transfer Center’ and ‘Purdue University- Si Chuan Agricultural University Vetrinary Pathlogists Training Program’, the delegation also meets some potential partners such as Chengdu Technology Transfer Group, West China Medical Hospital, Jiaxing Jiaxipera,Cherry Automotive Group and Zhejiang University …etc

Indiana State-Purdue University Changjiang Delta Region Technology Transfer Center is founded and sponsored by Indiana State Government, Purdue University and Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing City, Nanhu District, aim at accelerating mutual business and innovation acceleration. Indiana State and Purdue University (hereinafter US side) will invest 500.000 USD each year, Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing City and Nanhu District (hereinafter China side) will invest 5 Million RMB each year, China side will also provide a 10 Million RMB preference commercialization research funding, local office facilities, marketing team to support Indiana State and Purdue University’s local work in order to accelerate mutual technology transfer and business acceleration work.

ITTN also sign the agreement with Indiana State and Purdue University to act as their China local liaison supporting team.

Indiana State is No.1 Agricultural State of United States, Si Chuan Province is the No.1 Agricultural Province in China. Both states are also No.1 Pig Breeder and Processing Manufacturer in each state. ITTN helped both sides communicate the Agricultural Veterinary Professors training program between Si Chuan Agricultural University and Purdue University, Sichuan Science & Technology Council witness the agreement signing ceremony.

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