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LAW Yee Ping appointed as Deputy Secretary General Facilitate High-end Cooperation for ITTN

From:International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) Time:2017.06.13

     International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) had announced for the appointment for Ms.LAW Yee Ping as Deputy Secretary General, effective on June 8,2017. Ms.LAW will mainly responsible for facilitating the high-end international cooperation projects and also act as the Chief Representative of Hong Kong, South China Center of ITTN.

       Since November 2014, Ms.LAW work as the Hong Kong and South China Chief Representative and made tremendous contribution to headquarter and other centers of ITTN.

      Mr. John Zhang, Secretary General, ITTN said: “Ms.LAW has very rich connection and experience both in political and financial fields. It will facilitate and enhance ITTN to further cooperate with the high-end international resources”.

Cooperate with Nobel Laureate Promote Waste Water Treatment and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

    Tianjin International Conference for Cooperation in Science and Technology Innovation and Technology Transfer and Henan China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Forum & International Technology Transfer Matchmaking held on May 2017. Ms.LAW work with Prof. Dan SHECHTMAN, 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Distinguished Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology. Prof. SHECHTMAN delivered brilliant keynotes both in Tianjin and Zhengzhou, met with the senior government officials, scholars and entrepreneurship. He would like to work with ITTN and the counterparts in Tianjin and Henan on waste water recycling and innovation & entrepreneurship education projects.

Prof. Dan SHECHTMANand Ms.LAW Yee Ping at 2017 Tianjin International Conference for Cooperation in Science and Technology Innovation and Technology Transfer

     On 2014, Ms.LAW Yee Ping had facilitate ITTN to be one of the strategic partners of Asia IPEx that was initiated by Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Recently ITTN is cooperating with Smart City Consortium (SCC) in order to facilitate the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Big Bay Area Innovation and Technology Cooperation.

Ms. LAW Yee Ping took a speech at BIP Asia

Big Bay Area Smart City Seminar held on May, 2017 by Ms. LAW Yee Ping

Group Photo between Ms. LAW Yee Ping (Right 1), Mr. John Zhang (Right 2) and members of Asia IPEx

The communication and exchange between Ms. LAW Yee Ping (Right 1) and guest from Middle East

       Ms. LAW Yee is the Founder and Managing Director of Hong Kong Innovation Services Limited (HKIS). Before Ms. LAW was a renowned Hong Kong media professional with more than 23 years of experience and she has a rich connection with political and financial field. HKIS strives to provide intermediary and value-added services to high-end tertiary sector in Hong Kong and fosters restructuring and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing enterprises based in the neighboring Guangdong Province and other parts across the country. In addition, HKIS will facilitate the high-end international technology transfer between overseas, China and further to the Belt and Road countries.

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