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Amazing!China and U.S. had Technology Transfer Carnival!

From: 国际技术转移协作网络(ITTN) Time:2016.07.14

【July11, 2016 Beijing】Hosted by the Department of International Cooperation*, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Department of Cultural and Educational Experts*, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), and Suzhou Human Resource Office, the China U.S. Academic Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference made great success between 10th and 11th July in Suzhou.

The conference was organized by the Information Research Centre of International Talent (SAFEA), Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District Administrative Committee, and International Technology Transfer Network* (ITTN). 27 guestsfrom 25 universities and institutions in US, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong were invited to present, and nearly 200 representatives from 100 domestic universities and enterprises were also in attendance.


Conducted by John Zhang, secretary-general of ITTN, the opening ceremony was a carnival to international technology transfer professionals presented. Katherine Ku, the Executive Director of Office of Technology Licensing at Stanford University made a profound speech on the ceremony. Besides touching on the value of Bayh-Dole Act in the U.S. and the Chinese law on Promotion of Transformation of Science and Technology Achievements, Kuaddressed realistic issues for the majority of her speech. Ku stated that although it was essential that Chinese Universities learnfrom other, more experienced universities and countries, China should not copy the American system directly because the two countries differed vastly. She particularly emphasized the importance of individual experience and how successful technology transfer can not occur basedsolely on training, but rather a combination of both training and experience.


John Zhang, secretary-general of ITTN, moderator, and an instrumental initiator of the conference.


‘Training is not a one-time event’, Ku said.

Mary Albertson, President Elect of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) also spoke on the conference. Albertson introduced AUTM’s professional development programs to the representatives of Chinese universities and organizations. In addition, the former president of AUTM, Ashley J. Stevens, was awarded for his outstanding contributions by ITTN’s international committee chairman, Andy Sierakowski.


Mary Albertson, President Elect of Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)


Andy Sierakowski (ITTN International Committee Chairman) awarding Ashley J. Stevens the prize of Outstanding Contribution Award

To AUTM, ITTN is always one of the best collaborative partners in China. This time, ITTN signed a cooperation agreement with the China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation (CAISTC). With the support of CAISTC, ITTN is on its way to the best professional international technology institution in China, and will have closer collaboration with AUTM in the future.


Chen Ning (right), Executive Chairman of ITTN, attended the signing ceremony.

The conference lasted two days, with one-on-one matchmaking opportunities between Chinese and American universities. After that, the hosts concluded with a fantastic local tour of Suzhou. The conference provided a great platform forboth Chinese and American universities to initiate communication and collaboration to facilitate international technology transfer cooperation.


Group photo after opening ceremony



Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MOST)

Ministry of Science and Technology

  • MOST takes the lead in drawing up S&T development plans and policies, drafting related laws, regulations and department rules, and guaranteeing the implementation.

  • MOST is responsible for drafting the National Basic Research Program, the National High-tech R&D Program and the S&T Enabling Program. MOST aims to serve socio-economic growth by coordinating basic research, frontier technology research, research on social service, key technology and common technology

  • MOST teams up with other organizations in scheme demonstration, assessment, acceptance and policymaking of major S&T special projects, and provides advice on big changes.

Department of International Cooperation

It draws up policies on S&T cooperation and exchange and organizes innovative communication among governments. It draws up policies on S&T cooperation and exchange through bilateral and multilateral channels, guiding relevant departments and local governments in international interaction, facilitating aid to and from China, and directing oversees office in ordinary work and country-specific cooperation.

It is responsible for tracking to deploy country-specific mission of S&T, conducting technical foretasting, and putting forward great mission of international S&T cooperation. It advances base construction of international S&T cooperation, and drafts up related regulations and plans, undertaking S&T cooperation and exchange involved in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


Department of Cultural and Educational Experts, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs P.R. China (SAFEA)

State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

  • Devising plans and policies for Overseas Expertise Introduction (OEI), drafting relevant laws and guidelines, formulating administrative measures for OEI and supervising the implementation.

  • Examining and approving key plans financed by special state funds for employing overseas experts, and coordinating the implementation of such state plans.

  • Compiling the budget for OEI special funds, supervising the use of such funds, and assisting with the handling of major OEI-related events.

  • Administering relevant international exchanges and cooperation, building up the service system for OEI, regulating the intermediary agencies involved, managing the information concerning OEI, and organizing and coordinating the exchanges with experts from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

  • Managing annual overseas training plans, examining and approving overseas training programs financed by special state funds and other training programs, and coordinating the implementation of key overseas training programs.

  • Undertaking other matters assigned by the State Council and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Department of Cultural and Educational Experts

Formulating administrative measures for overseas experts in the fields of education, science, culture and healthcare; examining and approving key OEI plans that are financed by special state funds; and coordinating the implementation of such state plans.


International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN)

ITTN is a professional organization committed to promoting International Technology Transfer and International Innovation Cooperation. Through close collaborations with well-known technology transfer and innovation service organizations at home and abroad, ITTN has fostered long-term partnerships with more than 400 international technology transfer organizations in 40 countries.

The services of ITTN can be divided into three parts: online, off-line platform and professional service systems.

  • Off-line platform(Conference Platformcollect technology supplies and demands, integrate projects for matchmaking)

ITTN holds about two hundred international and domestic comprehensive and industry-oriented exchange activities, regulatory and academic seminars, trainings and exhibitions every year to promote off-line technology transfer and innovation cooperation matchmaking.

  • Online platform

ITTN Online Services include project database, expert database, resource database, video database and online matchmaking system.

Project database: 2775+technology demands and supplies

Expert database and resource database: nearly 100,000 pieces of contact information of experts and innovation organizations.

  • Professional Service Systems (provide assistance in key aspects of technology transfer, such as intellectual property, finance and medical technology)



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