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From:国际技术转移协作网络(ITTN) Time:2016.03.08


The Personal Connected Health Alliance and International TechnologyTransfer Network (ITTN) to organize events, focusing on interconnection and healthy China -- April 16-17, 2016

    BEIJING, FEBRUARY 3, 2016 -- As part of the14th annual Conference of International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP) and the China International Innovation City Development Forum and Exhibition, the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) and the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) will organize the Smart Healthy City Summit and Continua Spring Meeting, to take place April 16-17 in Shenzhen, China. PCHA publishes the Continua Design Guidelines, the only open implementation framework for authentic, end-to-end interoperability of personal connected health devices and systems.

    This year's Smart Healthy City Summit will focus on interconnection and healthy China, examining the role of mobile health technologies via a Continua Plugfest, as well as forums, exhibitions, road shows and a Mobile Health Interconnection Workshop. The Smart Healthy City Summit is being hosted by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government.

    This national professional exchange platform will gather more than 300 Chinese and foreign political leaders,industry leaders, experts and scholars, business executives, authoritative media and other dignitaries. On a global scale, the event will attract representatives from government agencies, industry experts and companies from more than a dozen countries, including China, the U.S., Italy, South Korea, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Also in attendance will be top leadership from China Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China Ministry of Science and Technology, China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Food and Drug Administration, and various industry associations.

    An important session at the Summit will highlight the European Union's groundbreaking procurement plan for integrating personal connected health technologies built on Continua's Design Guidelines the framework for its new national health program into their national health systems, to improve patient managementand clinical outcomes for chronic conditions. Continua's Design Guideline sinclude global industry standards and specifications that ensure interoperability of personal connected health devices for the seamless and secure collection, transmission and storage of personal health data across the health care ecosystem, from patients’ homes, to information management and electronic health records (EHR) systems. By guaranteeing end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity, Continua’s Design Guidelines ensure that personal health devices and servicesimplemented are simple, secure and convenient for patients and providers.

    Mobile health technology manufacturers from around the world will also convene at the Continua Plugfest, offering a unique opportunity to explore the world's most advanced technology and equipment. The tools and devices featured in the Continua Plugfest will demonstrate the advantages of interconnection and interoperability with medical equipment.

    "Continua is pleased to be working with our colleagues at ITTN, to organize a world-class event to showcase the benefits and opportunities for interconnection of personal connected health devices," said Hector Liu, Associate Director, Continua China. "Chinais a vital and growing marketing for connected health, and Continua is pleased to collaborate with key stakeholders, including government  agencies, regulatory bodies, healthcare providers, payers and the medical technology industry to improve the health and wellness of the citizens of China."

    For more information about these events, orto register to attend, please visit our website (http://continua-ciep.ittn.com.cn/index.php)

About ITTN

ITTN (http://www.ittn.com.cn) is a professional organization committed to promoting International Technology Transfer and International Innovation Cooperation. Through close collaborations with well-known technology transfer and innovation service organizations at home and abroad, ITTN has fostered long-term partnerships with more than 400 international technology transfer organizations in 40 countries. As acooperation and communication platform aiming at promoting international technology transfer and innovation cooperation, ITTN takes an active part inthe field of biomedicine and mobile health and organizes multiple activitiesand events collaborative with many enterprises, organizations, institution,etc. In April 2015, ITTN became a Continua Promoter member.

About Continua and the Personal Connected Health Alliance

Continua is part of the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), a global, non-profit membership association, formed by Continua, mHealth Summit and HIMSS to transform healthcare through personalized, interoperable connected health solutions, and to engage consumers with their health. PCHA focuses on three areas of activity: technical leadership (publishing the Continua Design Guidelines, an open implementation framework for interoperability of personal connected health devices and solutions); education (convening the mHealth Summit, the largest event exploring mobile, telehealth and connected health technologies and their global impact); and advocacy (creating favorable markets and regulatory climates for connected health around the world and advocating forstandardization to enable the free exchange of healthcare data across systems).Visit http://www.PCHAlliance.org.

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