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The Academy of Europe’s Dr. Zhao Qi Wang leads a specialized Seminar at CITTC

From: Time:2014.03.10

On October 21st Dr. Zhao Qi Wang, Professor at the Leibniz Institute for Age Research, Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Friedrich - Schiller - University Jena, and Member of the Academy of Europe, offered an informative seminar at the CITTC. Huang Ping, Director of the Beijing Technology Exchange & Promotion Center (BTEC), and representatives from biomedicine enterprises, research laboratories, engineering centers, and related institutes attended this seminar to hear about Dr. Wang’s breakthrough work. His remarks centered on his research on DNA, regenerative therapies, tissue homeostasis, and age-related pathologies. Dr. Wang’s research allows for deeper understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases such as cancer and illnesses related to neuro-degeneration.

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