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3D Bioprinting via Dynamic Optical Projection and Applications Thereof

From:http://gtp.autm.net Time:2014.08.26

Complex 3D interfacial arrangements of cells are found in biosystems such as blood vasculature, renal glomeruli, and intestinal villi. Tissue engineering techniques have been used to fabricate 3D microenvironments that mimic such biosystems but most methods fail to reproduce the concurrent effects of complex topography and cell encapsulation. There is a need to develop new approaches that control cell density and distribution within complex 3D features, and for biological scaffolds that reflect the true native physiology.

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University researchers have developed a versatile biofabrication platform based on 3D printing via dynamic optical projection, and fabricated complex, 3D micro-featured structures with encapsulated cells using said bioprinting platform. The invention provides an improved ability to mimic native tissue environments by controlling the arrangement of cells within a patterned 3D hydrogel. It has the potential for broad impact in the fields of tissue engineering, drug discovery, and fundamental cell biology research.


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