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Methods and Systems for Protein Amplification

From:http://www.ibridgenetwork.org Time:2014.08.13

Medical and biotech industries rely heavily on the use of peptides and proteins serving diverse functions. Unfortunately, the demand for proteins and peptides has pushed beyond the capacity of conventional production methods. While PCR allows mass amplification of DNA, there is no such similar process for mass amplification of peptides and proteins.

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Professor Rolf Halden at the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University has developed a method and system that, in principle, enables unlimited amplification of peptides or proteins from a small number of templates, using protein reading, transcription, and eventual amplification in an established biological system. This system uses inexpensive cell systems, cell extracts and/or cell extract components to conveniently create as many copies of a target peptide or protein as desired. The peptides/proteins may also be manipulated to create native folding and other desired post-translational modifications.

By taking advantages of low-cost cellular processes, this system may finally allow for the realization of mass produced peptides and proteins at an industrial scale.


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