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Strategies to Analyze In-Vehicle Driver Behavior Data for Improved Automotive Safety

From:http://www.ibridgenetwork.org Time:2014.08.13

This technology features methods and systems for objectively assessing driver behavior from vehicle operating data collected from a vehicle data recorder that is transported by a vehicle driven by driver during routine driving trips. The vehicle operating data include instantaneous measurement values for at least one vehicle variable (velocity, acceleration, jerk, engine speed, brake pressure, steering wheel angel, or other suitable variable of the vehicle) for a vehicle driven by driver. 

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The method further includes performing threshold analysis on the vehicle operating data to determine a violation count for the driver and converting the violation count for the driver into a normalized driving rating. The method additionally includes using the normalized driver rating to classify driver behavior in a driver safety classification system.

Driver classification system can be used by the driver, driver trainers, parents and guardians, licensing agencies, insurance stakeholders, employers, commercial fleets military personnel, and/or other interested stockholders to assess driver risk.


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