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Thermogel for Combination Drug Delivery

From:http://www.warf.org Time:2014.08.08

As cancer research progresses, it is evident that single drug formulations only provide limited success. Developing combination therapies would greatly benefit patients, especially those who must follow dosage regimens for long-term disorders.

Many currently used chemotherapeutics are poorly water soluble, which complicates the process of partnering these drugs with a suitable delivery vehicle. Combining two or three drugs is additionally challenging because of compatibility and stability issues.

(Picture from: www.nature.com)

UW–Madison researchers have developed hydrogels for delivering drug combinations to cancer patients. The gel is made of a solution of heat-sensitive, biodegradable block copolymers (PLGA-PEG-PLGA) that turn semisolid at body temperature.

The gel can contain a combination of therapeutic agents like rapamycin, paclitaxel and 17-AAG. After being administered to a patient, the gel releases the drugs at a controlled rate, and then biodegrades into nontoxic fragments.


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