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Mechanical Transduction of Therapeutic Stress to Human Tissues

From:http://www.autm.net Time:2014.07.18

Human tissue can be damaged due to various circumstances, such as: surgery, injury, disease, or paralysis. Healing naturally provided by one's body can take place over extended periods of time. Medical research aspires to discover methods of speeding up the recovery process through the application of therapeutic stress for cell, tissue, and organ repair. Vibration and compressive loads are mechanical stimuli that have a powerfully positive influence on biological tissues.

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Researchers at The University of Iowa developed a novel system that delivers vibration and compression to human tissue in any programmed sequence. Our apparatus applies a mechanical load, in combination with a feedback controlled dynamic vibration stimulus, to improve muscle and other orthopedic responses to physical therapy. The researchers believe the addition of the vibration stress increases the healing response seen in muscle and bone tissues. Treating individuals with this technology will enhance injury recovery, and provide other benefits related to improved muscle and tissue function.

The invention provides a novel method to load tissue with two forms of stress: vibration and compressive load. It will be most useful in fields of orthopedics to enhance tissue healing after surgery, injury, or reduced use. No previous system has been developed to apply compressive loads and vibration in various combinations to enhance the regeneration of bone tissue in humans. The system has strong potential to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis), enhance knee cartilage repair, and regulate spinal reflex excitability.


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