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ITTN Business Center held a joint call conference to promote

From: Time:2014.03.10

May 4th , all the related parties Garlliard Lockings Associates from UK, Beijing Sino-KingBio Co.,Ltd, Beijing InvestPharm Co.,Ltd for Brucella Disease New Diagnosis Kits and Vaccine Joint Development, which signed the MOU at ITTC 2012 gathered at ITTN Business Center to hold a joint call conference with the Spanish partner CSIC.

During the call conference, all the parties exchanged ideas, communicate with each other and discuss the next step action plan, they will create a joint KEY Technology Research Team held by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health, CSIC from Spain and Experts from Sino-King Bio…etc. Brucella disease is a seriously infectious disease between livestock and human, which will cause infertile and baby monstrosity. It is one of the serious infectious disease China is facing. 

ITTN Project Team made a considerable project analysis, market survey for Brucella Disease Vaccine, ITTN has realized this disease is really severe and will cause unexpectable disaster for society. During the 1 year follow-up work, ITTN helped Sino-King Bio approach different Venture Capital Companies, Sino-King Bio finally chose Beijing Investpharm as their partner. It is a very typical case and mixed business model for international technology transfer, it is to say, Guided and supported by the government, company is the core team, technical supported by foreign researchers, involved venture capital 

All the parties will be set up a Brucella disease KEY technology joint research and development team within this month and will discuss the combination of joint venture investments and risk , co-production , sales , operation of the newly developed rapid diagnostic kits and new Brucella disease vaccine


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