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Future Position X and Blab Sweden visit ITTC

From: Time:2014.03.10

On January 11th, Mr. Ulf Andersson, Chairman of Blab, an innovative green tech company from Sweden, and Mr. Ole Oldeen, Vice President of Blab’s Energy and Innovation portfolio, visited the International Technology Transfer Center (ITTC). Mr. Andersson expressed that Blab is currently seeking to develop and extend their China business, especially focusing on environmental protection, water retreatment, curbing air pollution, and the possibilities of matchmaking with related government departments and Chinese enterprises. The International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) team discussed the advantages of tenancy within ITTC and the services of ITTN Membership. There are various benefits that a fruitful relationship between ITTN and Blab could procure and ITTN looks forward to working with Blab in the future.

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