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6th China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week

6th China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week

Address:Beijing·Shanghai·Chongqing, China Time:2016.04.25


China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week (former “China-Italy Innovation Forums”) was jointly held by
Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Education, University
and Research of the Republic of Italy, organized by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission
and China-Italy Technology Transfer Center (CITTC). As one of the important activities of bilateral
governments’ technology communication, China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week has provided an
excellent communication platform for China and Italy governments, technology transfer institutes, university
science and technology parks and technology cooperation between enterprises. Five have been held
successfully so far.

According to usual practice, China-Italy Innovation Forum is held in China and Italy alternately, the 6th

ChinaItaly Innovation & Cooperation Week will be held in Beijing in November, 2015, followed by two or

three subsessionschosen in Shanghai, Chongqing, Shanghai, Henan and Fujian.


Partnership for Win-win


Key Technology, Innovation Startup, Pragmatic Cooperation


High-end Forum, Round Table Meeting, Matchmaking, Exhibition, Visiting


Aerospace, Environment and Sustainable Development, Biomedicine and Life Science, Agriculture and Food Safety, Creative Industry Design, Young Talents and Innovative Startup, Technology and Finance

Other Cities:

After the convention, it plans to arrange Italian specialist and excellent projects to other cities (Chongqing, Shanghai, Henan and Fujian) for matchmaking and communication, helping local economy development and innovation cooperation

Expected Achievements:

Italian representatives: 200+
Chinese representatives: 500+
Matchmaking projects: 300+
Cooperation intentions: 120+
Landed projects: 5+

6th China Italy Innovation &
Cooperation Week

Sino-Italy Industrial Innovation Chongqing Summit

In order to promote matchmaking between Chongqing and Italian advanced technology and advantageous
resources, 6th China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week will hold breakout activity in Chongqing. The
Chongqing Summit will comply with the overall arrangement and systematic objectives of the China-Italy
Technology Transfer Center and the 6th China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week, inherit the theme of
"China-Italy hand in hand for win-win cooperation", focus on technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and
practical cooperation, promote cooperation between Chongqing and Italy in economy, trade, finance, science
and technology and cultural aspects, exert the role of Chongqing as Chongqing as a regional center in
southwest China, implement China's strategy of "One Belt and One Road", promote Chongqing enterprises
going to the European market.

According to the tradition of holding China-Italy Innovation Forum in turn in China and Italy, the main forum of

the 6th China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week will be held in China. Chongqing Summit, as an important
satellite meeting of the 6th China Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week, is scheduled to be held Nov. 18-
20 2015 in Chongqing. The Chongqing summit will cover the following seven areas of environment and
sustainable development, biomedicine and life science, agriculture and food safety, creative industries and
design, innovation and entrepreneurship of young scholars, financial innovation, microelectronics and big
data. It is planned to invite 50-80 international guests and 400-600 Chongqing and domestic distinguished

Bishan, western district of Chongqing, enjoys very rich cultural heritage including Notre-Dame de Lourdes,
has developed very well in past years and ranks in top in both economic growth and ecological development
in Chongqing.

Bishan Hi-Tech Development Zone, which will become state level development Zone soon, has already
attracted more than 880 enterprises including 8 Fortune 500 and 26 domestic leading businesses. With 19
hi-tech research centers and 13 hi-tech products, Bishan hopes to cooperate with businesses from Italy in
industries such as equipment manufacturing, information technology, food and medicine products, modern
agriculture and etc.

Chongqing Commission of Science and Technology,
Bishan District Government ,
International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN) West China Center
Chongqing Press Group

Consulate general of Italy in Chongqing

Overview and Highlights of
Previous Forums

China-Italy Innovation Forum Special Edition – China Day at Milano Expo 2015

On June 8, 2015, in order to prepare the 6th China-Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week, promote sustainable development of bilateral technology and innovation cooperation,
China-Italy Innovation Forum World Expo special edition was held in San Paolo Pavilion of Milan Expo Park, Italy. Wang Yang, Chinese Vice Premier of the state council and Stefania Giannini, Italian Minister of Education, University and Research attended the forum and gave speeches.

5th China-Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week-Naples & Milan

Participants: China: 200+; Italy: 500+
Project matchmaking: 300+
Cooperation intentions: 100+
Contract projects: 6
Exhibitions: 30+ China enterprises and institutes
Economy benefit: about RMB 60 million, total project investment
expected to RMB 650 million

4th China-Italy Innovation Forum-Beijing

Participants: China: 300+; Italy: 124+
Project matchmaking: 170+
Cooperation intentions: 33
Exhibitions: 50+
Contract projects: 9

3rd China-Italy Innovation Forum and the Sixth Beijing - Italy Technology and Economy Week – Naples
Participants: China: 50+; Italy: 150+
Cooperation intentions: 120+
Contract projects: 9
Landed projects: 13

2nd China-Italy Innovation Forum-Nanjing, Shanghai

Institutes: China: 150+; Italy: 70+
Participants: China: 450+; Italy: 150+
Project matchmaking: 350+
Cooperation intentions: 85

1st China-Italy Innovation Forum- Rome:

Participants: China: 20 people; Italy: 80
Achievements: agreement on joint
construction of China- Italy Technology
Transfer Center in China

Achievements 2011-2015

·2800+ specialists from Chinese and Italian academic circles, enterprises and governments
institutes have been supported to do communication and exchange visiting
·1700+ Chinese enterprises, 500+ Italian key enterprises have been collected
·600+ demand information have been published
·3800+ technology matchmaking activities have been held
·500+ cooperation intentions have been reached
·80+ landed projects.
·4.7 billion+ RMB in total of expected economic growth

6th China-Italy Innovation &
Cooperation Week Call for

Call for Projects
The 6th China-Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week is calling for projects on every technology fields and
provides an all-around one-to-one collaboration service for technology transfer projects involved in the
convention. Both online and offline b2b will successfully guarantee the project matchmaking.
Register on www.cittc.org.cn and release technology demand / supply online

Call for Speakers
The 6th China-Italy Innovation & Cooperation Week will carry out under the theme of “Partnership for Winwin”,
gather strategically emerging industries with great market potential and wide concerns, focus on central
tasks (mass entrepreneurship, integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and so on), converge more international
high-end resources with the help of market platform to research and explore key issues in international
technology transfer and innovation collaboration. As a speaker at this event, you can contribute in the
following topic areas:

Aerospace, Environment and Sustainable Development, Biomedicine and Life Science, Agriculture and Food
Safety, Creative Industry Design, Young Talents and Innovative Startup, Technology and Finance

Please download calling form from www.cittc.org.cn and sent email to contacts.

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